Content Ownership in Cascade

My Content

In Cascade, you have a "My Content" page. This can be accessed through the widget on the dashboard as well as through the "My Content" tab in the top menu bar.

The My Content Widget on the Dashboard

Your content is assets that Cascade thinks are associated with you. These include things you've created, things that have been assigned to you and things that you have recently viewed or edited. When you open up the My Content page, you will see a list of all your recently viewed assets. you can use the tabs near the top of the page to toggle between different assets that Cascade thinks are associated with you. 

These include:

  • Recent: These are items that you have most recently viewed. 
  • Owned Content: These are items that you "own". You own any assets you've created or been assigned. If you create something, you are automatically the owner of that asset. If a content owner assigns you as the owner of a particular asset, you now own that asset as well.
  • Drafts:  These are all your unsubmitted drafts. When you create an asset, you are given the option to "Save & Preview", this saves a draft. You then must submit, and if you don't submit, your changes will remain in draft form. For more information, check out our Submiting Documentation.
  • Workflows: 
  • Locked Assets: These are assets that you have locked from editing. You have locked these so that only you can edit them. If you have accidentally locked sn item, you can check the box next to the asset and click the unlock icon above the list. 
  • Tasks Assigned to Me: These are tasks that someone has created and assigned for you to do.


Tasks are a good way to keep yourself and your team up on current projects. You can add a Task in Cascade for yourself or another user and give a due date for that task to be completed. You can access your Tasks through a dashboard widget, the drop down under your user menu along the top menu bar, or through the My Content page. Overdue Tasks will appear in your Notifications. 

You can Add a New Task through the "+ New Task" button on the top of the Tasks page or the "Add a Task" button on the top of the Upcoming Tasks Widget on the dashboard.

When you create a Task, you are given the options to name a Task, add a description, assign a user (you or a member of your team to accomplish the task), a priority level, a due date and to attach any related assets (i.e. the page the change needs to be made on). Tasks assigned to you will appear in the "My Upcoming Tasks" widget as well as the "Tasks Assigned to Me" section of the "My Content" page. 

The create a task editor

Owned Content

If you create an asset, you are the owner of that asset. This is not the same as access, if you have access to a site, you have access to view, edit and publish anything in that entire site no matter who owns it. Content ownership is just a good way to split up responsibilities in your site among your team. 

To assign ownership of an asset to someone, open the asset. Click on the Details button along the top. This will open a drop down with information about the asset. Toggle open the "Properties" section of the drop down and it will show you who created it, who last modified it and who owns the content as well as some other information. If you go to the Content owner, you can change that owner to another person if you wish. 

The drop down that shows Content Ownership in Cascade