Editing in Cascade

The editing options within Cascade are similar to Word functions.  A brief explanation can be found by hovering over the buttons in Cascade.

Frequently Used Functions

  • Font Options: Click to bold, italicize, underline and strike through your text.
  • Font Alignment: Click to align your text either to the left, center, right or justified.
  • Paragraph Formats: Create headings and paragraph blocks
  • Lists: Select multiple lines of text and click to create lists. Unordered lists create a bullet list, and Ordered lists will automatically number each item in the list.
  • Insert/Edit Link: Select text and click to link to another page, either internal (inside your site in the CMS) or external (outside the CMS i.e. www.umt.edu ) The Unlink button will remove the link.
  • Insert/Edit Image: Click to add an image to your page. See the image page for more information.
  • Insert/Edit Media: Click to add an embedded YouTube video to your page. See the embedded media for more information.
  • Source Code: Allows advanced users to edit the HTML source.

Most options require selecting the desired text first and then click on the desired option.
For more information: http://www.hannonhill.com/kb/WYSIWYG/index.html