Page Layout


You are able to make both columns and rows easily, helping you organize your content. Columns will automatically size themselves based on how many rows you have, and you can also size them yourself if necessary. This is page only applies to sites that are using the Ponderosa Template.


A row will allow you to have multiple columns in a section. Each row can have a different column configuration. Users can create as many rows as desired.


Columns can take up the full width of the row they’re housed in, or can be adjusted based on the number of total columns in the row. Cascade will automatically try to equalize the width of the columns based on the number of columns in a given row.

A picture of the page layout in Cascade 8

Row Headings

All rows in Cascade can be assigned a heading for organizing content and differentiating rows from columns for content editors. The new headings will also create automatic anchors for deep linking purposes. The automatically generated anchor will be named according to the text in the row heading in lowercase letters and without spaces between words. When text is placed in the Row Heading box it will publish as a heading level 2.

A picture of the row heading option

Adding Columns and Rows

To add a new Column or Row, edit a page in Cascade and click on the green + icon that appears right of the row or column toggle box. Cascade will update how many Rows/Columns you currently have directly next to the + and x buttons. The new row or column will appear immediately below the current row or column.

A picture of the add group option

Removing a Column or Row

To remove a column or row, click the red x button right of the row or column toggle box. Be advised that this action cannot be undone without reverting to an old version or discarding your current draft.

A picture of the add row option

Reordering Columns and Rows

Sometimes you will need to adjust where columns or rows appear on the page. To reorder rows or columns, select the up or down directional arrows to the right of the toggle box until the row or column is in the desired position.

A picture of the move option for columns and rows

Advanced Options

Section Size

The Ponderosa template uses a Bootstrap 12-based grid layout. When changing this value, make sure the sections add up to 12. For example, if you have two columns and you make the first one 8, the other must be set to 4. Failing to make the section sizes add up to 12 will cause layout issues. By default, Cascade attempts to automatically equalize the width of all rows created.

A picture of the section size option

Section Offset

A Section Offset allows content to shift inward from the edge of the content area in the amount specified. When adding offsets, any offset value used needs to factor in to adding up to 12 for each row. The Section Offset value is applied to the left and right side of a row. For example, if you have two columns that you would like to resize and push toward the center, a Section Offset value of 2 would account for a total of 4 units, which leaves a total of 8 units to be used for the columns. The columns would be each be assigned a value of 4 for a total of 12 units (2-offset left + 4-row one + 4-row 2 + 2-offset right = 12).

A picture of the section offset option

Content Blocks

Content Blocks can be attached either above or below the selected content section. Blocks may be used to insert a plugin or other text-based block.

The Above Content Block field will put the information in that block above the content you have entered for that column, while the Below Content Block field will put it after your content.

A picture of the content blocks option


The Class field can be used to apply a CSS class to a row or column. This can be useful for writing targeted CSS to a specific section.

A picture of the column class option