Spellchecker in Cascade 8

Check Your Content

When you create or edit a page in Cascade, you are given the option to Save & Preview. Once you Save & Preview, you can "Submit", or "Check Content and Submit".

Choosing to Check Content and Submit will run a spell checker on all the content in that page.

Screenshot of Submit and Check Content and Submit options

Spellchecker Results

The spellchecker will run on your content and provide you a list of any typos or misspelled words it finds. You will be given three options on how you can procceed with the typos:

A screenshot of the spellchecker results

  • Add: You can add this word to your dictionary. Your dictionary will now recognize this as a word and it will no longer appear in the spellchecker results as a misspelling. Dictionaries are per-user, meaning that words you add to your dictionary will not add to other people's dictionaries. Dictionaries are also system-wide, meaning that a word will be added to your dictionary and will not show up in your spellchecker results no matter what site you are editing. 
  • Ignore: You can choose to ignore a word. No action will be taken to change this word or to add it to your dictionary. This is the default setting.
  • Fix: You can choose to fix a word, and you will be provided with a drop down of suggested words. You can choose one and your word will be changed to the selected word when you choose "Next".

A screenshot of the suggested words dropdown menu