Formats and Content Hierarchy

In any editing process, formats can be a time-saver and consistency-creator. Cascade sites come supplied with a few standard paragraph formats like Heading level 1, Heading level 2, etc. 

Using formats consistently makes pages more accessible to all web users. Individuals with print disabilities who view the site with a screen reader (software that reads the screen contents and format out loud) are better able to navigate and interpret the page content when consistent headings are employed. Web accessibility standards mandate using only one Heading level 1 per page as the page heading. Heading level 2s are used for the major sections of the page, and Heading level 3s for the subsections of the major sections, etc.

Using headings appropriately will help increase a site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) If content is clearly organized with appropriate use of headings, search engines like Google will be better able to direct users to your content when searched. Search engines score websites according to the clarity of their content and will rank the site higher in its search engine results.

This is a picture of the format and headings menu option