Best Practices

Note that tables should only be used for "tabular data" and not for layout.  If you're looking for page layout options, please check out Ponderosa Template page layout. Tables require proper table headings in order to be accessible.

Inserting a Table

  1. Click on the Table dropdown menu
  2. Hover over the Table option until a grid appears
  3. Select the appropriate number of cells for the row by hovering right and then down.
  4. Click to finalize the selection of cells.
  5. Fill out the table as needed.
  6. Define table headings
  7. Save & Preview or Submit changes

A picture of the insert table menu option

Defining Table Headers

All table headings for rows and columns must be defined in Cell Properties. To define table headings:

  1. Select the header text or containing cell
  2. Right click on the selected text or cell
  3. Choose Cell > Cell properties
  4. Select Header cell in the "Cell type" field
  5. Select either row or column in the "Scope" field
  6. Click the Ok button

Table Formatting

When a table is selected, multiple format options appear below the table but can also be accessed from the Table dropdown menu. These options include:
  • Table Properties: View the default table properties and table width and height
  • Delete Table: Deletes the entire table
  • Insert Row Before: Inserts a row above the selected cell
  • Insert Row After: Inserts a row below the selected cell
  • Delete Row: Deletes the selected row
  • Insert Column Before: Inserts a column to the left of the selected cell
  • Insert Column After: Inserts a column to the right of the selected cell
  • Delete Column: Deletes the selected column

Tables in Cascade 8 can be resized by clicking on the table in the editing interface and dragging the corners in any direction. Sizing can also be adjusted by opening Table Properties and typing in a pixel value for the width and height.

A picture of a table and the table menu

Table Properties

Tables in Cascade 8 have a number of properties which can easily be adjusted to fit the data contained within the table. Table Properties can be selected by clicking within the table and selecting the Table Properties icon that displays in the dialogue box below the table. Properties can also be accessed by selecting Table Properties from the Table dropdown menu.

Advanced features can be accessed from the Table Properties menu, including table size, cell spacing and padding, table alignment, and border formatting.

A picture of the table edit window