Cascade Interface

Cascade Introductory Video

To get started in Cascade, please watch this 90 minute introductory video by Dan Bowling, the Web Technology Services Manager. He will walk you through what you need to know to accomplish most of what you will want to do in the Content Management System.

Menu Bar

The menu bar has changed slightly in the newest version of Cascade. The menu bar is the dark gray bar across the top portion of the screen where you can find the following items:

  • Home button (Cascade logo): Takes you to site dashboard
  • Drop-down site selector
  • Add Content menu (formerly the “New” menu)
  • Site content menu (displays assets of the current site)
  • Manage Site menu (formerly the “Administration” menu)
  • My Content menu (displays all content you have access to)
  • Search Bar
  • User Profile

A picture of the menu bar

Cascade Navigation

The navigation structure of the selected website is displayed on the left site of the screen in the Site Content section. The Site Content section lists the files, or assets, that make up your website. This navigation area replicates the menu that will be displayed on the left side of the published site. From here you may conveniently navigate across the site for while editing or reviewing content.

Content Area

The area below the Top Menu Bar and to the right of the Site Content section is context sensitive and will display different things based on what’s being selected. When a page is selected, the content of that page is displayed in a “preview” interface. When the arrow found next to a folder is clicked, the contents, or assets, that make up the folder are displayed.