Submitting new pages

The biggest change in Cascade 8 is the way you submit changes after you have edited a page. Cascade 8 is designed to make viewing your changes more streamlined. So when you're done editing, click the "submit and preview button" in the upper-hand corner of the editing window. This will take you to a preview of your changes, and then you can click the submit button, or the "Check Content and Submit" button and enter edit comments if you wish. If you choose to check content and submit, Cascade will run a spellcheck on your content. Information about the spellchecker can be found at our Spellchecker Documentation.

If this whole process is too drawn-out, then when you're done editing you can simply click the three vertical dots button to the right of "save and preview" and submit without previewing your changes. To learn more about submitting your edits, visit our documentation on submitting your work.