Stories are an exciting iteration of tiles. They are an excellent feature to showcase new content that will be updated on a regular basis. These elements can be displayed under the Featured Image, giving your users the ability to keep up-to-date with important new content available on your site.

The Ponderosa Template used to use Tiles, but in 2016, the Web Team came out with a new and improved version, called Stories. Many of the issues Cascade users ran into with Tiles were addressed and solved with the launch of Stories. If you're still using Tiles, we can help you make the switch to Stories! Just email us at or call us at (406) 243-4361 and we'll get you switched over.

Stories example

New Stories can be created by selecting Add Content >> Story, and should be placed in the nearest "stories" folder.  There are many display options for Stories, which can be found in the Config Block.

Story Features

  • Stories can be published as individual pages.
  • Stories can be ordered.
  • An archive page is automatically created.
  • Individual stories can be featured.
  • Stories can be automatically generated from several social media channels.
  • Stories can be categorized.

Story Types

Want to display information from a social media account on your site without having to constantly update? Stories can be specified by type to achieve this! From the dropdown menu, you’ll have a number of options to choose from:

  • Cascade Story
  • Tumblr
  • Wordpress
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Sizing Images

Stories can vary in dimensions based on what Style options you have selected.

  • Image to the Left, Text to the Right: Commonly called "Square Stories," these should be 200px by 200px.
  • Large Image Above Text: Commonly called "Wide Stories," these tiles should be 375px by 175px.

Some display options for Stories are:

  • Change the way the Stories display by giving them light or dark backgrounds
  • Have your images display above or to the left text
  • Display images with no text at all 
  • Pull content from social media networks

Re-ordering stories

To reorder your stories, go to the stories folder, click on the “order” tab above the folder’s contents twice so that the assets display in descending order (largest to smallest).

Once you’ve selected “Order”, the items will display the correct order and you can drag stories around to reorder them by hovering to the right of the asset name until the cursor turns into a double ended arrow. Note that in the Stories order, the highest number is the leftmost story. The lower the number, the more further right the Story will appear. You do not have to click “Submit” to save your changes, but you will have to publish the Stories folder to reflect the changes made.