Setup Block


Setup Blocks contain lots of information about sites in Cascade, including name of the Site, what content appears on Homepages, as well a host of other information that helps Cascade make your site.

Site Information

This is site wide information; these entries will be reused throughout the site in the contact information, page title, etc.  See the complete Site Information documentation.

Name Description
Site Title The Title of the site. (e.g. College of Education and Human Sciences)
About this Site A 3 or 4 sentence description of your organization.  If you'd like help editing this copy, contact University relations and they will provide assistance.
Site Theme An overall theme for the site, this can set site wide defaults for the look and feel components. 


Homepage components display on the homepage of the site, or any section of a site that has a setup block.

Featured Image

The featured image is the large graphical component on the homepage, it can be updated regularly and will set the tone for the web site. See the complete Featured Image documentation.

Name Description
Style Choose from a full width image or a half width image with either your "About this site" or content about the image to the right
Image Choose the featured image
Title/Alt The alt tag for the featured image
Short Content This content will either show up to the right of a half row image or at the bottom of a full width feature image.
Show Title Before Content Check this box if you want the title/alt to display before the content
Internal/External Link (Optional) the link the featured image should go to. 
Theme Choose light or dark.  Controls the background and overlays style for the featured image.


Tiles are an excellent place to tell the story of your organization highlight upcoming news or events. Tiles are designed to be updated regularly and display until they are pushed off the end.  There is also an option to link to a page with all of the past tiles as sort of an archive page. See the complete Tiles documentation.

Name Description
Tile Style Arrange the tile text and image. The content can be hidden, to the right or below the image.
How Many of Tiles The number of tiles to display 2, 3 or 4.
Theme Choose light or dark.  Controls the background styles for the tiles. 

Side Bar

The side bar shows on the right hand side of a site. It is an excellent place to highlight content with graphical links, social media links, etc.  See the complete Sidebar documentation.

Name Description
Column Size Choose: small, normal, large or half page.
+ Featured Link(s) Add featured links to display on the homepage

Contact Information

Contact information displays in the footer on every page in a site. It can be integrated into the footer as one line, or as a column in association with a mega-footer. See the complete Contact Information documentation.

Name Description
Column Size If the contact information is in a column, how wide will the column be?
Contact Label Provide a label for the contact information
Address A physical address for the organization
Phone Number You can provide multiple phone numbers for your organization, these will be formatted for consistency 
Fax You can provide a fax number
Email Address You can provide multiple email addresses for your organization

Site Footer

The footer works well for content you need to be displayed on every page. See the complete Footer documentation.

Name Description
+ Content Create multiple columns to create footer content, this is how you could create a mega footer


This advanced section will not appear for users who are not Cascade Managers. If you have an option in this section changed, please contact the group that provides support for your website.

Name Description
Donor Information Provide a donor name for your organization (e.g. Phyllis J. Washington)
Site Width Description
Logo Upload organization logo
Site Head Call include style or script calls in the header
Site Bottom Call Include script calls  at the bottom of the page
Page Root Name The name of the file that will show by default in a folder (e.g. default or index) 

Background image

Name Description
Background Image Place a background image on the body tag for the site
Background Image Theme A theme to ensure that the background image does not adversely effect a sites accessibility

Automatic Headings

Name Description
For Headings use Choose whether to display Name or title for headings
Hide Automatic Headings Ability to turn off automatic H1 placement on pages
Affix Background Image Affixes the background image to the page so that it doesn't scroll

Google CSE

Name Description
Google CSE Identifier ID provided by Google for Google CSE
Results page Page on which search results should display