Side Bar & Featured Links

The Side Bar is a feature available on default pages that will display featured content to the right of your main content. This can aid in the visual promotion of added resources that you would like for your users to easily access.   Primarily, this is the location of your Featured Links.  You can either choose from a list of pre-styled button options or upload your own custom images. 

Sidebar example

The Side Bar will appear on a default page to the right of your main content.  For more information on Side Bar and Featured Links, please see our Side Bar and Featured Links Technical Guide

Sizing Images

Custom images for Featured Links should be approximately 470px by 95px, but the height can vary as needed.

Some examples of the links you can create include:

  • Links to another page in your site
  • Links to an external site
  • Important resources such as forms, documents, or news.
  • Links to affiliated sites or partners