Add a COVID-19 banner to your site

Websites that wish to place a banner on every page to convey relevant information about COVID-19 should follow the steps outlined on this page.

See this site's banner for an example. The Ponderosa Demo website is also configured if you wish to see it inside the CMS.

Steps to add COVID-19 banner

  1. Select Add Content from the top menu bar
  2. Select Block 
  3. Select XHTML/Data Definition
  4. Give the block a name of “COVID-19” (this must match exactly)
  5. Choose the placement folder to be the highest folder in the site (e.g. your site name)
  6. Edit the block content with your message

Please note

  • The block content will display as a single line, and only allows links. All other formatting is stripped. Do not add bold, color, images, or any other formatting.
  • We will automatically prepend your text with “COVID-19 information:
  • The default behavior will be to not display a COVID-19 banner.
  • If the block does not match the location and name outlined above, it will not display on your website.
  • Assistive technologies will see the message as a "Banner".