Migrate Your Site

If you have an existing website in Cascade, this page will help guide you through the process of converting it to the new template. If you don't have an existing website, please make a new site request instead. 

The Template Conversion Process

Getting your site migrated is a multi-step process. For most people the entire process, start to finish, takes about a week. Larger sites may take longer.

Phase 1: Getting Ready (Before You Contact IT)

  • Think about what features you want on your homepage. You can read about the features in our  Template Components documentation.
  • Find a featured photo, if you would like to feature a large image. If you need help finding good photography, contact Mario Schulzke.
  • Write a 2-5 sentence "value statement" for your site. University Relations is available to help improve this during the migration.
  • Clean up old content that you no longer need or may no longer be accurate.
  • Ensure your site meets UM's accessibility requirements.
  • Ensure that any updates that need to be pushed to your live site are there. (We will turn off your site's publishing in phase 2.)
  • Fill out the Migration Request Form

Phase 2: IT Migrates Your Site

  • IT will contact you to ensure that it is still OK to migrate your site
  • IT will turn off publishing on your site to ensure the partially migrated site doesn't get published.  You retain the ability to edit within Cascade.
  • IT will migrate your site to the new template, page by page.  Things may look "broken" within Cascade during this phase.
  • IT will help configure the homepage to your specifications.

Phase 3: Cleanup

  • You may modify the Setup Block as needed
  • You will do any necessary content cleanup.  (This is basically Phase 1 revisited.)
  • You will add any special homepage content, such as featured tiles or links.
  • You will proof every page of your entire site.
  • You will update your site structure/navigation to fit the limits of the top-level navigation.
  • You will check if any redirects (a.k.a. short URLs) need to be updated. 

Phase 4: Go Live!

  • You will tell IT that the site is ready to go live.
  • You will tell IT if any redirects need to be updated.
  • IT will do a check of your site to ensure it conforms to UM brand guidelines.
  • IT will delete your old content folder on the web server, then publish your site.
  • IT will update redirects that you requested.
  • You will do a final walk-through of your new live site to catch any missed problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the migration take?

This depends on the size and complexity of your site. Small sites can go through all the phases in a day or two, while larger sites can take up to a week. 

Will I lose out on features by being an early adopter?

No. These templates are set up so existing sites automatically get new features as they are added.

Can we just start a new site instead of migrating?

Sure. Just let us know that's your intention when you make the request.

One of my needs isn't met by this template. What are my options?

We recognize that the first release of this template may not include all the features everyone requires. If you find something lacking, please contact us and we will try to make modifications. The template features will be iterative over time as new needs are discovered.

Are these templates accessible to users with disabilities?

Yes. Our team works to ensure compliance with Section 504. Of course, templates are only half of accessibility compliance, so all authors should know how to write content in an accessible way. If you encounter a barrier, please report it and we will address the issue as quickly as possible.