Degree Maps Technical Guide


Degree Maps provide students a proposed schedule of the classes required to attain their degree.  The Degree Maps plugin allows each department the ability to display this information on their websites is a consistent and maintainable way.

Technical Requirements

This plugin will require the manual entry of Year, Semester and Course information.

Degree Maps Implementation

For each Degree Map you'll be asked to provide a number of years, semesters and courses, along with the corresponding labels.

  • Year and Year Label: This will add a new year and label it accordingly. Clicking the "+" button will add multiple years.
  • Semester and Semester Label: Same as above, for semesters instead of years.
    • Total Credits: This is the total credits in a given semester.
  • Course: Add a new course to your current semester. This can be done as many times as necessary.
    • Number: The course number. This will be combined and displayed with the title.
    • Title The title of the course. Combined with the number and displayed in your degree map table.
    • Credits Number of credits this course is worth.
  • Operator: Add an operator between this course and the next.
    • None: The default option. No operator will be added.
    • Or: Indicate that a student should take this course OR the next course.
    • And: Indicate that a student should take this course AND the next course.