Form Builder Plugin

The Form Builder allows you to create simple email forms so that the users of your site to get in contact with you, while letting you ask them the questions you need answered.

What You Need to Know

The Form Builder has a lot of options, but here are the ones you need to use to make a basic form. For more in-depth explanations, please refer to the Technical Documentation.

  • Email Form To: You/your group's email so that you can get the information that users submit
  • Form Elements
    • Text: Creates a line of text input
    • Text Area: Creates a text box for input
    • Dropdown/Radio Button: Allows you to specify answers to the questions, great for questions that have limited answers

You must have at least one Form Element, which can be thought of as a question you are asking the person visiting the site. You can ask as few or as many questions as you would like.

If you are interested in taking online payments through your site, you can find more information in the payment gateway documentation section


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