Writing and Public Speaking Center Policies

Amount of tutoring time per week:

Students may not book back-to-back appointments, and all students are limited to 90 minutes of by-appointment tutoring per week. Limiting the amount of tutoring time per week allows students to apply what they have learned and revise between appointments. This policy also allows The Writing and Public Speaking Center to serve as many students as possible.

International students may make 60-minute appointments during the designated international student appointment blocks. Outside of these designated appointment times, international students may make 30-minute appointments.

Graduate students may make recurring 60-minute appointments when they are working on a large, on-going project such as a thesis or dissertation. To schedule a 60-minute appointment, a graduate student must speak with a Writing and Public Speaking Center consultant who can schedule the appointment on the student’s behalf. Outside of these longer appointments, graduate students may make 30-minute appointments.


Students who miss three scheduled appointments lose the right to make appointments for the remainder of the current semester. These students may contact the Director at shareen.grogan@umontana.edu to make a case for reinstating their ability to schedule appointments


If you know you're going to miss a scheduled appointment, please cancel using the online scheduler. Whenever possible, please do not wait until the last minute to cancel your appointment.

Late arrivals:

If you are more than ten minutes late, your appointment may be given to another student.