UMDW Handbook

Account Type Codes

Operating Statement


General Ledger 


Location codes are an optional field used to identify the location of fixed assets. 


Activity Codes are an optional element of Banner's Chart of Accounts. This field can be used to account for special projects or events that may be unique to an organization or can cut across organizational boundaries. There is no hierarchy for activity codes and the numbers and title combinations are specific to each chart. The only area of commonality is the codes used to identify prior year activity. Any code beginning with "PY" will be determined to be a prior year transaction.


An Index Code provides the ability to accumulate financial activities into meaningful centers. An index code generally includes the fund, org and program codes. It may also contain an account code or the two optional fields (activity and location), depending on the user’s needs.

Because Index Codes are unique to each campus or reporting unit, the numbers and titles are unique to each campus.

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