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Digital Accessibility

To ensure digital experiences are accessible to all users, learn more about digital accessibility, which includes documents, media, and websites, Procurement for software and hardware, and valuable Resources.

A speaker presenting to audience at a campus event.


Planning accessible events is the key to creating inclusive and welcoming experiences for all. For event planners, check out Accessible event planning. For participants, it’s important to know the accessible features of the venue. Find Events under Resources

wooden traffic barriers. Photo credit to Lucas Souza.

Attitudinal Barriers

Attitudinal barriers exclude people with disability. Stereotyping, stigma, and prejudice hurt individuals. Read more about implicit biases and educational resources.

Our Commitment

The University of Montana values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to providing equal opportunities in education, employment, programs, activities, and services to everyone, including those with disabilities. The UM community works together to embrace the University's values by:

  • Making University-related meetings, courses, performances, and other events accessible. 
  • Ensuring digital content and information technology are accessible and usable. 
  • Responding to all accommodation and modification requests in a timely manner.

Physical Access

The Campus Map ADA Accessibility outlines accessible parking, curb cuts, door entrance, and priority snow route across campus. Subscribe for Access Updates to receive elevator outrages and other physical barriers. To report and request snow and icy spot removals on campus, contact Facilities Services Work Orders at (406) 243-6091 or via email at 


The UM campus continues several construction projects and upgrades. The Campus Map shows the restricted areas by clicking "Closed: Construction Area." Construction updates from the Facilities Services. A list of elevators and buildings under renovation from the Office for Disability Equity.

Emergency Preparedness

A disaster or an emergency strikes suddenly. Be prepared before an incident occurs. Read more from the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities.