Defense Critical Language and Culture Program

The Defense Critical Language and Culture Program is one of the top language and culture training centers for our military in the country.  We pride ourselves in our ability to not only train our military in the defense languages, but how we also include lessons in culture training. Our courses meet any DoD defined critical language need.
Our instructors bring their “in-country” experience with their lessons, and many of our courses include college credit. We offer our lessons through a wide range of platforms, including Polycom, VTC, Vidyo, in-residence, mobile training teams, and blended options- all tailored to your unit’s needs.




A program contracted by the Department of Defense at the University of Montana has emerged as one of the top programs of its kind in the country, immersing U.S. troops and diplomats in critical languages and cultures where American interests are at stake.(

Don Loranger and Senator Max Baucus

Major General (Retired) Don Loranger, DCLCP Director, visits with Ms. Virginia Sloan, Regional Director for Senator John Tester, and Senator Max Baucus during the Senator’s “Farewell Tour” of Montana prior to his assignment as the next United States Ambassador to China.

Pak Tony

Mr. Antony Jo is presented a Certificate of Appreciation by Joel Cusker (Deputy Director) and Shaima Khinjani (Lead Instructor) on behalf of Don Loranger (Director) and the DCLCP Staff and Faculty for his instrumental role as an Assistant Instructor at the highly successful completion of the first Indonesian Class taught by the DCLCP.