Defense Critical Language and Culture Program

DCLCP focuses on providing a significant contribution to DoD's diverse langauge education requirements and the broadly gauge cultural and regional studies imperatives associated with US National Security Objectives. DCLCP has leveraged the academic capabilities of UM and designed a program to afford our DoD military students the optimal academic experience that fortifies them with a deep cultural and area studies understanding of their region and its peoples as well as a language fluency consistent with their diverse needs. Courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of deploying military members as defined by their parent DoD organizations. DCLCP instructors bring their recent “in-country” experience with each of their lessons. DCLCP offer lessons through a wide range of platforms, including Polycom, VTC, Vidyo, in-residence, mobile training teams, and blended options- all tailored to your unit’s needs.

Project Global Officer China 2016 students visit the 11th US Ambassador to China and longest running US Senator from Montana, Ambassador Max Baucus.

Project Global Officer Korea 2016 flying the UM colors during Tae Kwon Do.