Conferences & Presentations

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April 2022

  • Virtual Ability Presents the 11th Annual Mental Health Symposium “I Am Not Alone”
    Friday, May 13 - Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island In Second Life

    • RTC:Rural presenters:
      • Catherine Ipsen: Using the National Survey on Health and Disability to Explore Pandemic Related Changes to Social Isolation and Loneliness (8:30 a.m. PT)
        • This presentation will open with a description of a publicly available dataset called the National Survey on Health and Disability (NSHD), and findings related to conventional vs MTurk recruitment methods. This will be followed with longitudinal data analysis from the NSHD to explore the experience of social isolation and loneliness among rural and urban people with disabilities before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      • Lillie Greiman: Disability Data for Advocacy and Awareness
        (1:00 p.m. PT)
        • The ability to access, understand and use data is critical to supporting the public health needs of any community. The Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (RTC:Rural) at the University of Montana is working to improve data accessible and usability across several projects and with a range of community based partners. In this presentation we will present the data focused tools we have developed to increase access to disability data. We will highlight how these tools have been used by local and national partners and the work we have done to support a larger collaborative network of disabled advocates, researchers and consumers.
      • Genna Mashinchi: Project Connect and Iterative Participatory Curriculum Development
        (1:30 p.m. PT)
        • This presentation will provide a brief overview of a Participatory Curriculum Development process used to develop peer programming through Centers for Independent Living (CILs). This process will be discussed within the context of Project Connect, which focuses on social isolation, loneliness, and how important online engagement can be. Additionally, we hope to receive input and feedback from conference attendees about the relevance of identified programming topics and subtopics, and any potential gaps.