Who We Are


Catherine Ipsen 
RTC:Rural Director

headshot of a smiling woman with shoulder-length dark hair

Meg Ann Traci
Research Professor

woman smiling at the camera, standing in front of a waterfall.

Rayna Sage
Project Director

woman wearing a ball cap on a hike in the woods

Lillie Greiman
Project Director

woman speaking into hand-held microphone

Andrew Myers 
Project Director

man with reddish hair wearing a red and white sweater standing in front of a brick wall

Krys Standley 
Project Director

headshot of woman with long blond hair standing outside

Jeff Gutierrez
KT Coordinator

man with brown hair and salt-and-pepper beard with a plaid shirt

Will Hoard
KT Coordinator

Will Hoard headshot

Hannah Pepprock
Research Associate


Luke Santore
Graduate Research Assistant

Luke Santore Headshot

Amy Lariviere
Training Coordinator

Amy Lariviere - a woman with brown hair in a ponytail with a floral dress leaning against a brick wall

Jordan (Jo) Costello 
Instructional Designer

smiling woman with brown hair