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Christopher Ruby's Undergraduate Research Experience

Chris Ruby

"The advice I would give to any incoming students is to ask as many questions as you can, because the more you ask the more you learn."

Your major (s):  Psychology with an emphasis in Research

Your Minor (s):   Integrated Digital Media Art

Your Research Topic:  Risk Factors for Child Abuse

Your Faculty Supervisor (s):   Dr. Paul Silverman

Briefly describe your research project:

I worked on a team of students with Kylene Caquelin, Lindsey Jackson, Amanda Powers, and Kristy Kees.  Our research was on identifying several risk factors that would predict child abuse perpetration.  Main factors that we looked into were: the parents age at first child, possible parents history of abuse as a child, and gender.

How did you become involved in research?

I became involved in this research after contacting Dr. Silverman and having a meeting to go over his research of abuse of children more in depth.

What was the most rewarding part of your research experience?

The most rewarding part of participating in this research experience was working with other students. The knowledge they possess is passed on and shared to me and other students. Every student has a different perspective, and when you bring all those perspectives together you can come up with a whole new idea that you might not have thought about previously.

What surprised you during the research process?

There were many surprises during our research. We concluded that our selected risk factors were inadequate in predicting a person as an abuser or non-abuser and there are other factors that contributed to this.

What doors did participation in undergraduate research open for you?

My Participation in research has allowed me to be closer to a particular study that may be what I make my career in.

How has participating in research affected your undergraduate experience?

I believe this experience will better prepare me for graduate school and bring new approaches and ideas to create my own research.

What advice would you give incoming students about getting involved in research?

The advice I would give to any incoming students is to ask as many questions as you can, because the more you ask the more you learn.

Academic Enrichment

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