What Can I Do With A Degree In Nursing?

The definition of nursing by the American Nursing Association, nursing is "the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems (ANA 1994). There is a broad range of professional nursing possibilities for both LPN's and ASRN's. The beauty of the profession is that nurses are the front line of health care, practicing in virtually all health care settings and communities across the United States and worldwide. They offer skilled care, advocate for patient's rights, educate to assist in decision-making, stand by patients at critical moments, help patient's understand the system when it baffles them and reassure patients when they feel doubt or fear.

As the largest health care profession, nursing is a rewarding profession, both personally and financially, that offers diverse career paths for both men and women. Job opportunities now and in the future are in the top 5 of all jobs most in demand. Salaries are continuing to rise for both the LPN and RN. Generally jobs in nursing are easy to find.

Pathways are available for an individual to advance from the LPN level to the ASRN level through UMCOT. This program facilitates individual needs embracing each student at their desired entry point. Unique to our program is the ability to first become an LPN and then, if desired, advance directly into the ASRN program with only an additional two semesters of education. The ASRN program is also available to any currently licensed LPN.

A Sample of Related Occupations