What Can I Do With A Major In History?

"Studying History helps you develop important skills such as critical thinking and writing."

History is the study and research of major social, political, cultural, and economic events of the past, and provides a perspective on events that have shaped the contemporary world. The study of history has long been recognized as central to a liberal arts education. Although the study of history is more often associated with careers in law, public service, teaching and the academic world, the skills learned through historical study have proven useful in a wide variety of career fields.

History provides not only a basis for future employment but also, more importantly, furnishes knowledge and perspective for intelligent leadership in community affairs. Graduates are employed in federal, state, or local governments, with positions ranging from elected office to research analysts. Many teach history in middle schools and high schools while others pursue advanced degrees at the graduate level. Still others go on to attain professional degrees in law, journalism, and business. Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability to employers through internships, responsible work experience, good grades and involvement in college activities.

A Sample of Related Occupations