Information Systems

What Can I Do With A Major In Information Systems?

Information Systems (IS) encompasses two broad fields: (1) the information systems function which includes designing, acquiring, and managing the information technology resources and services of the firm; and (2) the development and maintenance of business solutions which includes application development (or programming), database development, and network development. IS specialists have broad responsibility to design, implement, and manage the information technology (computers and networks), the data, and the systems used by the firm. They develop systems that support the strategies and policies of the organization. They deal with issues of innovation, quality, human-machine systems, human-machine interfaces, social-technical design, and change management.

Students interested in careers in information systems develop skills leading to careers in programming, systems analysis and design, database development and administration, telecommunications, network administration, and project management. Web development and electronic commerce also offer career paths for interested individuals. Others choose careers in PC and technical support. Finally, some people find interesting careers in marketing and/or selling technology.

A Sample of Related Occupations