Management Information Systems

The study area of management information systems (MIS) is a relatively new field that facilitates the relationships between information, technology, people, the organization, and society.  The MIS curriculum at The University of Montana prepares students to manage an organization's information resources.  The major focuses on:

  • Analyzing and managing the flows of information within and across the organization's business processes
  • Managing the acquisition and utilization of information technology
  • Using both information and technology to enhance the organization's business operations, processes, strategic advantage, and extract as much value as possible out of the business processes

Information systems are a part of all organizational functions, including accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and human resource management.

A common comment from students considering an MIS major is “I don’t know anything about computers.”  The management information systems major is NOT about computers in the way that accounting is not about Quickbooks or that finance is not about knowing how an ATM works.  For those MIS students more interested in the technology angle, knowing about computers will be interesting and useful to them, and we have a track of courses suited to those students.  Many, if not most, MIS graduates will never physically touch the technology they manage, except for using the keyboard.

Many top graduates from the University of Montana MIS program take jobs as information systems consultants with international firms.  The field of technical consulting services is one of the fastest growing industries and one of the highest paying.  Consultants seeking international experience are posted in various places around the globe.  KPMG recently recognized the UM MIS program as one of their top 30 schools in the nation from which to recruit.

Hiring organizations prefer candidates with experience such as internships or related part-time jobs.  To employers, a student with related experience is someone who has proven she knows how to apply what she has learned in school; she knows how to work and produce results as well as how to work with others and manage her time.  Students who have acquired practical experience prior to graduation are more likely to land great jobs.  They have also begun developing their professional network contacts, many of whom may know of several great job opportunities at any given time. 

In addition to part-time jobs off campus that are computer-related, you should also watch for opportunities for MIS students available through the university.

A Sample of Related Occupations

Types of Employers

Private and Non-profit Organizations

Computer Firms
Consulting Firms
Non-Profit Organizations
Publishing Firms
Government Agencies
Research Organizations
Hospitality Industry
Insurance Industry
Investment Firms
Manufacturing Companies

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