International Business

What Can I Do With A Major In International Business?

Career opportunities in international business vary. As business in general becomes more global, many domestic jobs have increasing international components. Thus, having an international job will not automatically mean working overseas. Often a domestic job in a more traditional functional area of business, such as marketing, finance, production and operations, human resource management, and accounting serves as a springboard to an international assignment. Internationally focused job opportunities exist in a very broad spectrum of businesses and industries. Examples include: airlines, automotive, banking, communications, computer-related and other high technology, consulting, financial services, food products, medical, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and retailing.

Business graduates also can work in governmental organizations operating in the international arena. Organizations such as the Agency for International Development, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. State Department, and the World Bank provide excellent opportunities to apply business skills while also developing greater international awareness and cultural sensitivity, all of which later on can be applied to a position in a global business firm.

Career success in the international arena is enhanced through the possession of basic business knowledge and skills including an understanding of international business markets and operations, the development of cultural understanding and sensitivity, and a willingness to operate in a highly dynamic environment requiring flexibility and adaptability.

  • Foreign Specialist
  • Foundation Representative
  • Human Resources
  • Immigration Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • International Banker
  • International Business Analyst
  • International Hotel Manager