Registration Instructions

Griz eRecruiting Web Registration allows you to enter your Career Services registration information, upload your resume(s), and send it all to Career Services online. To access your free Griz eRecruiting account, go to the Student Login Page and register to receive a Username and Password.

1. Register for Griz eRecruiting
  • Once registered or if currently registered, you are eligible to:
    • access information on internships and full-time permanent jobs
    • become part of the online employer resume search
    • participate in the campus interview program
  • To register, visit, scroll to the bottom and click "Click Here to Register!"
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible. All areas marked with a * are required. You must use the legal name you have registered at UM.
  • To select your major, click "Add" and pick from the options. Click the + sign to expand the list.
  • Be sure to read the bolded legal release and check "Yes" before saving.
  • Once you’ve registered, you have access to view jobs. Please wait 24 hours to have your account approved. After that time you will be able to apply to jobs online and sign-up for on-campus interviews.
2. Login to Griz eRecruiting
  • Go to Career Services Home Page at:
  • Select "Griz eRecruiting" on the homepage and then "Already
  • Registered"
  • Or go straight to the login page at
  • Enter "User ID" (your UM student ID number).
  • Enter "Password" (you selected this when you first registered).
  • NOTE: For security reasons, registrants are encouraged to CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD after login.
  • Click "Login." Forgotten your User ID and/or Password? Email
3. Complete Your Profile

NOTE: To become active within the system, you MUST complete your profile. Uploading a resume is highly encouraged.

Keep in mind, employers can view the following fields within your profile: name, address (permanent and local), daytime phone, email, website, classification, grad date, major, degree, awards/achievements/clubs & organizations and skills/certifications/experience.
  • To complete your profile, select "My Profile" on the "Home Page."
  • Click "Edit" in the upper right corner of each section: " Personal, Demographic, Skills/Certifications, Additional Information." Note: Required fields are denoted by the * symbol and must be completed.
  • Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of each section or ALL CHANGES WILL BE LOST.
  • To add a major and minor, click "Add." Navigate through the list using the + and – symbols. Click the box for your major/minor; click "Close Window."
  • To select "Skills/Certifications," select the skills you possess from the Available text area on the left (hold down the CTRL key to multi-select). Click the arrow to move the skills to the Selected side. Click the back arrow to move the skills back to the Available side. When finished, click "Save."
  • Important: Under the "Additional Information" section, you must set the Legal Release field to "YES" to allow employers to view your resume as a result of searching the database.
  • When your profile is complete, select "Finish Registration" from the Menu Bar.
4. "My Documents" – Resumes and Cover Letters

Important: Throughout the year, employers contact Career Services asking us to electronically send them resumes of candidates who meet their hiring criteria. Employers can only view your resume if you have answered YES to Allow Employer Viewing within the "Additional Information" section of your profile.
  • To upload a resume, select "My Documents" on the Home Page.
  • Click "Upload Files" in the upper right corner, name the document and click "Browse" to select the file.
  • Click "Upload;" the uploaded file will appear in the Document Manager.
  • To upload additional documents, select "Upload Files." Proceed to name the document and browse to select file.
  • If you choose to upload multiple documents, be sure to use a specific document name.
  • To view a document in Adobe Acrobat Reader (download is available free at, click "View."
  • To download a document into MS Word, click "Download" under Action.
  • To update a document, click "Update" under Action.
  • To remove a document (if multiple documents have been uploaded), click "Remove" under Action.
  • To change your default document (if multiple documents have been uploaded), click “Set as Default”.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your most generic resume document is set as the Default.
  • Select "Finish Registration" from the Menu Bar.
Remember: You are responsible for the accuracy of your resume including proofreading!

Career Services has sample resumes online. Complete and organize a rough draft of your resume. View the Career Services Online Resume Writing Guide to assist you in getting started.

An appointment with a career counselor can help you customize your resume to best represent you and your strengths. Call 406-243-2022 and make an appointment today.

5. Submit Your Profile

  • Once you have completed your profile, click "Submit Profile" on the Home Page.
  • Once your profile is submitted, a system administrator will change your status to active, granting you full access within Griz eRecruiting to 1.) search and apply for jobs and internships; 2.) to view and sign-up for campus interviews; 3.) to become part of the online employer resume referrals if you answered "YES" to the Legal Release within the Additional Information section of your profile.
Important: You can begin to search for Jobs and Internships immediately AFTER submitting your profile.

Allow 24 hours (M-F) for access to APPLY to available positions and to VIEW interview schedules.

6. Searches for Jobs & Internships
  • Select "Job Search" from the main menu bar. Two types of job searches are listed in the grey submenu bar: " Quick" and "Advanced." Advanced contains additional fields to narrow your search results.
  • Enter the information you wish to search for (hold down the CTRL key to multi-select).
  • To add a major and minor, click "Add." Navigate through the list using the + and – symbols. Click the box for your major/minor; click "Close Window." (Note: You can also search for multiple majors and major headings. Example, to search for all business majors, check the box - College of Business).
  • To search for all jobs, do not enter any search criteria.
  • Click the "Job ID" to view the position’s details and how to apply.
  • To sort the list, click on any column heading.
  • To save your job search and choose to receive emails when new jobs are posted, Click on the Save Search button in the upper right corner of the results box. A new box will appear, this is where you will save and name the search and choose whether or not you would like to receive email notices for new jobs that have these job search criteria.
Note: The more search criteria entered, the narrower the search. To view more opportunities, make your search criteria less narrow.

7. Applying to Jobs & Internships

NOTE: Some full-time permanent jobs and internships allow potential applicants to submit resumes

directly to the employer through Griz eRecruiting. Read the Application Instructions carefully.

Select "Job Search" from the main menu bar and enter search criteria.

To view the details for a position, click the "Job ID."

Follow the Application Instructions listed in the Position Information section.

If the employer allows you to submit applications directly:

To apply, click "Submit Resume" at the top of the screen. Note: If Submit Resume is not visible, 1.) you may have already submitted your resume to the position. Click "My Activity" in the main menu bar to verify your referrals OR 2.) you may not have full access within the system. Please allow 24 hours after submitting your profile for full access.

Select your resume in the Document Name drop down box. To include a message to the employer, enter it in the Student Message text area. To include a cover letter, copy and paste the cover letter into the Student Message text area. When finished, click "Submit."

After submitting your document and message, an employer can reply. Check for employer messages on your "Home Page" under "New Employer Responses" OR under "My Activity"-"Referrals" (refer to #11 View Your Activity.

Security Note: Your name, address, telephone, and other contact information listed on your resume will be visible to employers approved by Career Services to view the Web Resume Book.