On Campus Interviews

Interview Sign-up Instruction

The following instructions will help you with the recruiting function of Griz eRecruiting. In recruiting, you are able to view the on-campus recruiting schedule, sign-up for open interview times, request to be considered for closed interviews, view your resume referral history, and see all of your recruiting activity for the recruiting season.

Log on to your Griz eRecruiting account.

Sign up for Campus Interviews.

(Please allow 24 hours (M-F) after submitting your profile to view interview schedule activity)

  • Select "Interview Schedules" from the main menu bar.
  • "Qualified Schedules" will list only the schedules you are qualified to apply to. Example: Accounting students will be the only ones to see the Accounting firms’ schedules. "Future Schedules" will list all schedules. Note: Future Schedules is a view-only function.
  • To locate a schedule you wish to sign up for, click the "Schedule ID."
  • To sort the list, click on any column heading.

Open Schedules:

  • View the schedule’s Posting Information and Timeline.
  • To signup, click the preferred "Interview Date" in the Sessions window; a list of timeslots will appear.
  • Select an available timeslot and click "Sign Up." The system will automatically fill in your name and post the information on your calendar.
  • To cancel an interview timeslot, click on the "Cancel" link.
  • To switch to another available timeslot, click on the "Switch Time" link.

Preselect Schedules:

  • View the schedule’s Posting Information and Timeline. The timeline dictates the activity of a schedule.
  • To be considered for an interview, click "Request Interview" at the top of the screen.
  • An email will be sent to all candidates after the employer decision has been made or you can check your status under My Activity.
  • If you are accepted to interview, login to Griz eRecruiting, select "Interview Schedules." Click the "Interview Date" in the Sessions window and select a timeslot. The system will post the information on your calendar.

Interview Cancellation/No Show Policy


An important service provided through Griz eRecruiting is the facilitation of on-campus interviewing with local, regional and national employers.  Strong relationships between The University of Montana and these employers are built on successful recruiting efforts.  Considerable time, energy and financial resources on the part of both the University and these employers are expended in efforts to schedule, market and successfully facilitate employer visits, interviews and, ultimately, the hiring of UM students and graduates.

When a student cancels an on-campus interview at the last minute or fails to show up for a scheduled interview, it damages our relationships with employers.  In addition, other students are not given the opportunity to sign-up for the abandoned interview time slot(s), which then limits opportunities for other students. The recruiter may choose not to return to our campus due to a perceived lack of interest by our students.  Due to the professional nature of on-campus interviews, the following policy will be enforced when a candidate cancels an interview less than 48 hours before the scheduled interview or fails to show up for a scheduled interview.

Interview Cancellations

You may change the interview time, if alternate times are available on the interview schedule, or cancel an interview online through Griz eRecruiting anytime up to 48 hours before the interview.  Once you can no longer cancel your interview online (less than 48 hours before interview), it is considered an interview no-show.

Interview No-Show Policy

First Offense

If you fail to keep a scheduled interview appointment with an employer, your Griz eRecruiting account will be blocked and you will not be allowed to participate in any further on-campus recruiting activities. In order to regain your on-campus recruiting privileges, you must:

  1. Meet with the Career Services Recruiting Coordinator to discuss your no-show.
  2. Write a letter of apology and explanation to the recruiter. Recruiter contact information is available from the Career Services Recruiting Coordinator. (Before writing your apology letter, please review our template for composing an appropriate letter. Available in PDF or Word).
  3. Bring two (2) copies of this letter to the Recruiting Coordinator, along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope. Career Services will send one copy to the employer and retain the second copy on file in the office.

Second Offense

If you violate the No-Show policy a second time, your Griz eRecruiting account will be deactivated and your recruiting privileges will be permanently revoked.

RSVP to Information Sessions

  • Go to "Interview Schedules" from the main menu bar.
  • Select the "Schedule ID" to view the schedule posting information.
  • Click "RSVP" at the top of the screen if you plan to attend. The date and time of the information session will appear on your calendar.
  • To remove your RSVP, repeat the above steps and click "Remove RSVP" at the top of the screen.

If an employer you are interviewing with has an Information Session, it is highly encouraged that you attend. View Career Events and Your Activity

  • To view Career Events, select "Career Events" from the main menu bar. You will see a list of events. Click the event details.
  • Select "My Activity" from the main menu bar. There are three types of activity: Referrals, Placements, Schedules.
  • To view your referrals (how many times your resume has been submitted to employers), click the number to the right of the word Referrals. An envelope in the New Response Column indicates a message from an employer. View details of any of your referrals by clicking "View" in the Action Column.
  • To view your placements (how many positions you have been placed in), click the number to the right of the word Placements. View details of any of your placements by clicking "View" in the Action Column.
  • To view your Schedules (how many interviews you are signed up for), click the number to the right of the word Schedules. View the details of Interviews, Information Sessions, Preselect Activity, or General Activity by clicking a specific Job Title within the desired category.