Camden is a post-baccalaureate Education student with an endorsement in Library Media and will be beginning a graduate program in Library Science fall of 2014 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.

Camden was born in Alaska where he lived until he was 8, then his family moved to a small ranch in Avon, Montana. He began his bachelor’s degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, but had a difficult time his first year. As part of his improvement plan he came back to Montana for a semester and enrolled at UM. He re-enrolled at Cornell the following year and successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in English. He returned to Montana, but found the economy presented a challenge to his job and career search. After working various jobs for the next three years he decided on a career as an academic librarian. Camden loves books, storytelling, helping people, and meticulous organization, so a career as a librarian seemed like a great fit. As he began looking at jobs in library science he realized that graduate level education was required for the library science and media career field. In 2012, Camden re-enrolled at the University of Montana as a post-baccalaureate student.

Camden began school again with the goal of obtaining the Library Media endorsement from the College of Education and Human Sciences, and found that he would also need to earn a teaching certification in order to get the Library Media endorsement. Not only was this a requirement for the College of Education, but it would make him a more competitive candidate for graduate programs. As he worked his way through the education program, he was happy to find that the program and the endorsement in Library Media provided much training and knowledge related to his intended career field.

During his studies at UM, Camden worked in the Testing Center of Career Services. Working in Testing Services gave Camden the opportunity to develop professional skills in technology, problem solving, communication and customer service. Working within Career Services also encouraged Camden to work with the counselors there. When the time came to start applying to graduate programs, Camden met with a career counselor for guidance writing his graduate school application statements and preparing his various documents. Regarding working with a career counselor, and in his own words “Working with Laurie was a godsend. I’m a terrible procrastinator and working with Laurie was good because I had someone else to be accountable to if I didn’t get things done on time. I didn’t want to show up without having something prepared and waste an hour of her time. She gave me encouragement without guilt for not having as much done as I wanted.”