DoraDora grew up in Frenchtown, MT and after receiving a scholarship to attend The University of Montana decided it was the place for her. It was also a bonus that she could be close to her mom.

Initially Dora thought she would become an English Teacher, and began her undergraduate career studying English Literature. After taking a required Spanish course, she found that she had an aptitude and an interest in Spanish language. After encouragement from a professor, she decided to major in Spanish, as well as English Literature. Dora must have caught the linguistics bug, because she added a French Minor to her degree, as well as a K-12 teaching certificate. Dora has also been awarded several scholarships, a Diversity Advisory Council Student Achievement, and was a mortarboard senior for the Spanish department.

Dora has worked in several different departments and filled several different roles at The University of Montana. She has been a Peer Advisor for The Undergraduate Advising Center (UAC), a Student Worker with TRiO, a Re-Admit Advisor with the UAC, and a Research Assistant for a Spanish professor. She is currently the Pre-Nursing Advisor at the UAC, helping students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During her time as an undergraduate, she studied abroad in Nicaragua, Mexico, France, and completed part of her student teaching in Costa Rica. Through her work at the University, she realized she would enjoy teaching at the post-secondary level because of the freedom to be creative and participate in research activities. Dora is currently applying to several graduate programs for Hispanic Linguistics. She is most surprised that where she has ended up seems so different from where she thought she’d be when she started college.

While developing her career path, Dora visited Career Services at several junctures: for summer job application assistance, while she was preparing her student teaching materials and navigating student teaching in Costa Rica, when applying for the Pre-Nursing Advisor position and most recently, for graduate program application assistance. She says not only has Career Services assisted her in creating a solid set of application materials, but also taught her how to target and tailor those materials for each application she submits.