AlinaHailey grew up right here in Missoula, and decided to attend the University of Montana because of the quality of the programs and opportunities available at the University and in the Missoula area. As a freshman, Hailey struggled with the transition from home and high school to the Residence Halls and university life. Hailey wanted to help new students who might struggle in similar ways, and so decided to become an R.A.

Hailey hopes to use her degree in the Public Relations and Entertainment Management fields. She believes her experience as editor of her high school paper and R.A. for residence life, will help her break into her chosen field. “One of the most difficult things (in both positions) was learning how to manage relationships with peers, because you have to balance the professional relationship and the friendship.”

Hailey has utilized Career Services along the way; first as she applied to the Residence Life program, then as she began selecting her major, and now as she continues to develop her career path and goals. She appreciates that the Career Services Staff and Counselors never make the process of career development seem clinical or boring, and are always welcoming and encouraging her to come back.