Pamela grew up in Spokane, Washington and originally chose The University of Montana because of the high quality Teacher education program. She also has grandparents in the area and was eager to spend more time with them.

Originally Pamela wanted to become a Math Teacher, but during her sophomore year she was hired as a Resident Assistant (RA). As she learned more about Residence Life and progressed through the education program, she realized that she wanted to help students, but not as a teacher. Her experience as an RA helped her discover many other ways to work with students besides teaching. She especially liked working with college-aged students and found University Life to be a good fit.

She decided to pursue a career in Student Affairs (the broader umbrella that Residence Life exists within). Because there are no undergraduate degrees in Student Affairs, Pamela did some research and found that Communication Studies was a common undergraduate major for those going into graduate programs in Student Affairs, and so she changed her major.

Becoming involved in Residence Life was a life changing experience for Pamela; because it was such a good fit for her, she did very well and was promoted to Head Resident. She was awarded the Best Program in her first year as an RA, and Best Staff Member for the 2012-2013 academic year. She has also done well in her academic pursuits, making the Dean’s list for four semesters. Both endeavors have helped her develop and improve communication, leadership, and supervisory skills.

Pam first came to Career Services for assistance when she began the application process for Graduate School. Beginning graduate school application can be daunting and she wanted to make sure she was on the right track, “How do I even start this process!?” Pam first worked through her resume and CV’s for the graduate schools she had selected, and then began the process of writing graduate school statements tailored to each program’s requirements. Finally, she is working on her interviewing skills through interviewing assistance and mock interview appointments. This spring she will begin interviewing with her selected programs.