Brandon Brandon is currently completing post-baccalaureate Accounting courses before applying to the Masters of Accountancy program at The University of Montana

Brandon was born in Missoula and grew up on a farm in Ronan, Montana. Early on he became passionately interested in business and would voraciously read books on the topic. He was especially interested in the music world, and researched how royalties and licensing worked. Brandon received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington, and afterwards worked intensively on a lobbying project for Quest Communications. Later, he became the manager and drummer for a local Seattle band, and created a business plan that allowed them to tour nationally. Brandon also learned much through the trials and errors of testing alternative business ideas, and studying the successes of others.

After successfully managing his own landscaping business for 3 years, Brandon decided to return to continue his education in Business Accounting. He is especially interested in external auditing because he would have the chance to see the internal workings of many different businesses, and he is greatly interested in how differently organizations can be structured. 

Brandon has been utilizing Career Services’ resources for assistance with career and internship planning, and interviewing techniques. He plans to continue working with Career Services while he works on his application to the Masters of Accountancy program at the University of Montana. He sees Career Services as something all students need to know about and use. “It’s a portal to the world of getting a job” and “a way to move from education to a solid career.” He looks forward to working to further building his Career toolbox, and learning more about all Career Services has to offer.