Campus Preparedness and Response Group


The Campus Preparedness and Response Group (CPRG) will be tasked with information sharing for all campus events. Specifically, this group will be tasked with:
  • Maintaining an internal master campus events calendar with both "public" and hosted events across the campus;
  • Assessing risk relative to these events and preparing accordingly;
  • Ensuring coordination across campus units when UM hosts large groups of visitors;
  • Anticipating potential emergency management needs associated with any/all events;
  • When needed, lead an emergency response for the campus related to planned or unexpected events (with an Incident Management Team comprised of CPRG members).

The CPRG will assume the former functions of the Emergency Management Advisory Council as well as previous efforts at campus-wide operational committees. To be effective, the core membership of the CPRG is small; we will bring in additional resources on an as-needed basis to inform our work moving forward.

The CPRG will:

  • Meet every 2 weeks with a planning horizon of 8 weeks;
  • Report to Cabinet on a regular basis regarding campus events;
  • Perform After-Action-Reviews after significant events/incidents;
  • Promote increased communication and collaboration about campus events;
  • Provide guidance to all events-management personnel across the campus on information-sharing and coordination to ensure all campus activities are known and appropriate preparation is completed.


Paula Short, Director of Communications


Paul Lasiter, Vice President for Operations and Finance

Reed Humphrey, Acting Provost

Zach Rossmiller, Interim Chief Information Officer

Bob Smith, Director of Facilities Services

Marty Ludemann, Chief of the University of Montana Police Department

Chuck Maes, Senior Associate AD

Sarah Swager, Vice Provost for Student Success

Jason Sloat, Risk Manager

Chuck Emnett, Associate Emergency Manager

Lucy France, Legal Counsel

Kelly Webster, Chief of Staff

Sandy Curtis, Director of UM Housing

Adrianne Smith, Director of the University Center

Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship

Ryan Martin, Events and Planning Manager

Brandon Kress, Assistant Director of Operations for the Adams Center

Sheryl Brown, General Manager of the Adams Center