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Diversity Advisory Council

The University of Montana

DAC Meeting - January 31, 2013

UC 326; 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.


  1. Welcome, Announcements (Blakely)
    1. Check in about past, present and future diversity events on campus and in the community (Everyone!)
  2. Approval of December meeting minutes (Blakely)
  3. Subcommittee Updates - Nancy Borgmann award (Blakely), Student awards (Juana), Mini-grants (Juana)
  4. Location and Unveiling of the Nancy Borgmann plaque (Ray)
  5. 2012 Day of Dialogue Summary and Preliminary planning for DoD 2013 (Melissa)
  6. DAC Committee processes (Lucy and Blakely)
  7. Diversity Action Items review (Lucy)
  8. Good and Welfare; Adjourn


Present: Natalie Hiller-Claridge, Heather Bruce, Kelsi Camp, Maria Cole, Mika Watanabe, Dora LaCasse, Blakely Brown, Barb Seekins, Melissa Steinike, Carey Davis, Ray Carlisle, Juana Alcala, Joe Hickman, Jacquie Hofmann, Jennifer Zellmer-Cuaresma, Amie Thurber (NCBI), Heidi Wallace (NCBI), George Price, Emily Ferguson-Steger, Lucy France, Benjamin Courteau, Cary Shimek, Rhondie Voorhees


The December meetings minutes were approved.

The following upcoming events were shared: Black History Month film series by the Black Student Union, there were 400 attendees at the MLK Day Celebration, the KyiYo Powwow is in April, the International Festival is also coming up this spring.

The deadline for nominations for the 2013 Nancy Borgman award is February 22nd. Blakely encouraged everyone to get the word out and cautioned that people should not wait until the last minute to nominate someone because there are a few steps to the process. Also any questions should be directed to Blakely.

The nomination deadline for the Student Diversity Awards is March 1st. The ceremony will be March 18th from 3 to 5 pm and Provost Brown will be involved in the ceremony. The nomination form is available on the website. Bara is working on entertainment for the event. Juana is working with UM Relations for a news release and a UM banner story. Juana explained that while $1750 was budgeted for this event, at this time the expenses are expected to be about $2000. The anticipated expenses are based on receiving 30 nominations. Lucy moved to increase the budgeted amount to $2000 for the event and everyone agreed.

The Minigrants subcommittee suggested that the DAC use the same form for both minigrants and special funding requests. They also suggested removing deadlines from both. The subcommittee would like to review the proposals for both and approve or reject them, communicate those decisions to the parties requesting funding, and then report back to the full committee concerning the expenditures that were granted. The subcommittee is still working on a marketing plan to make sure everyone is aware that there is some funding available. It was suggested that there be a deadline of at least two weeks before an event that money is being requested for so last minute emergency requests will not be a common problem. Ben suggested that notice be sent to ASUM groups soon since the groups are currently working on budgets for next year. He also suggested putting a cap on the funding amount available on the application.

Amie Thurber from NCBI reported that last semester 12 trainings/workshops were held for 334 participants across campus. She also announced that Heidi Wallace would be taking over for her in the fall. NCBI requested that the DAC find a way to allow them to use the UC meeting rooms for free when they hold trainings/workshops for the community. These happen about 4 to 6 times a year. Diversity Day in Missoula will be on April 13th and on April 12th there will be a staging on LGBT history.

The current plan is to unveil the Nancy Borgman Award plaque at the end of the semester at the faculty award ceremony. Ray hopes to have more information on the permanent location of the plaque at the next meeting.

The data that was collected from the Diversity Survey is now posted to the DAC Moodle. Maria has officially started collecting exit interview data from faculty.

Rhondie and Blakely volunteered to form a subcommittee to look into developing a poster design contest for students or possibly an internship for a Media Arts student.

Next meeting

February 26, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. UC Alumni Boardroom