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Diversity Advisory Council

The University of Montana

DAC Meeting - May 15, 2013


Present: Blakely Brown, Ray Carlisle, Len Leibinger, Dora LaCasse, Natalie Hill, Barb Seekins, Heather Bruce, Jennifer Zellmer-Cuaresma, Cary Shimek, Mika Watanabe, Olivia Holter, Maria Cole, Kelsi Camp, Joe Hickman, Bharath Sriraman, George Price, Chuck Harris, Wilena Old Person, Lucy France, Emily Ferguson-Steger, Udo Fluck

Approval of April minutes

Subcommittee updates – no new mini-grant applications

Annual report – a few additions were suggested, including the tabling done at Welcome Feast and Day of Dialogue and NALSA for Indian Law Week. Julie Edwards is compiling the report; please send any updates to her by the end of May.

Budget update – receipts need to be submitted to the President’s Office immediately.

There is a problem with mini-grants not showing up in Data Warehouse. Jacquie and Juana will work to update the report.

$3500 of the budget has not been expended – cutoff date is June 30. Lucy suggested going through Printing and Graphics to get some printed materials made re: services. Jennifer suggested DAC materials for Welcome Feast. Bharath suggested an ad in the Missoulian.

Membership – the President wants more diversity in the DAC membership. Various changes to the membership list were discussed:

  •  Udo requested that Multicultural Learning Solutions be included on the membership list; he would be the representative.
  •  The committee discussed adding International Programs with the Director as an ex-officio member.
  •  Len will be working in the VETS Center only until December 31.
  • The committee discussed replacing the Kyi-Yo student representative with a representative from any American Indian student group.
  • The Diversity Programming Student Coordinator is no longer a position.
  • The group decided to add representatives from: ASUM student groups, American Indian student group, Lambda Alliance, 2 ASUM senator positions, Kaimin
  • Chuck and Natalie will continue as staff representatives next year
  • George and Joel’s terms are ending this year; George bids farewell to the DAC. We will work over the summer to fill these slots.
  • Jacquie is stepping down as treasurer; Natalie was approved to replace her.
  • The position of secretary is open – let Blakely know if you’re interested. The position is responsible for taking notes and helping to set and send the agenda.
  • Lucy is rotating off as co-chair; Maria was approved to step in.

Summer work – poster launch, will work with Rhondie over the summer.

Assessment plan to roll out in the fall – Chuck, Bharath, and Maria will work on this. Contact Blakely if you’re interested in helping.

Online training for new employees – Amy Kinch and Claudine Cellier reported on the new discrimination and sexual misconduct online training for employees, which was brought about to help simplify faculty orientation and alleviate the discrimination training that the EO/AA director did in-person. New and current employees will take the online training this fall and it will be a part of our Title IX compliance. This training is an opportunity to get people to talk about difficult issues, to set the climate, and create a model for campus. Focus groups of representatives from across campus have been meeting to go over the material. Amy and Claudine will come back to DAC in the fall to reconnect on this topic.

NCBI – Amie Thurber came to give the end-of-semester summary report. This semester, NCBI facilitated 10 workshops, reaching 189 students. Six campus community members acted as trainers. The workshops received positive evaluations. NCBI is an underutilized resource as it does not advertise. NCBI is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and had a party, which doubled as a going-away party for Amie. Amie asked DAC members to advocate for continued funding for NCBI.

Good and welfare – please send feedback on the Diversity website to Emily.
DAC presented Lucy with a plaque in thanks for her work over the last couple years as co-chair.