Graduate Degree Admission


Graduate degree admission is for candidates seeking to complete a Masters or Doctoral program at UM. The academic department you are applying to conducts the initial evaluation of your application packet and submits your packet and a recommendation to the Graduate School for the final decision regarding admission.

Admission Categories


Applicant meets Graduate School standards for admission on the recommendation of the department.


Provisional admission is given to students who may not meet standards for full admission. The Graduate School will ask departments to review progress of students in provisional status at the end of the year.

International students may be admitted provisionally to a degree program if their English language skills do not meet admission standards. They may not take classes in their major, but will take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes until they meet admission standards.

Early and Deferred Admission

Early Admission

University of Montana undergraduates may be admitted provisionally to the Graduate School if the student:

1.) has six or fewer credits left to complete a bachelor's degree
2.) takes the GRE/GMAT prior to the end of the first term of study
3.) completes the bachelor's degree within one semester
Undergraduate credits taken in this status will be charged at the graduate rate.

Deferred Admission

The Graduate School may defer admission for one term on the recommendation of the department. We do not defer admission for more than one term. If you want to defer admission for more than one term, you must reapply to the program.

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