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24th National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule my presentation on a particular day due to extenuating circumstances?

 The NCUR team will make every effort to accommodate special scheduling requests that are made prior to March 1st.

I am not an undergraduate, but I did research as an undergraduate student, or in a similar situation. Can I still present my research?

NCUR will allow graduate students to present if the work they report on was done as an undergraduate.  Similarly, other students may present as long as the environment in which their project was done is essentially the "undergraduate research" environment that typical undergraduate students encounter.

Can I submit an abstract if I am no longer a college student?

Yes, if the research was done when you were an undergraduate student.

Do faculty members/advisors have to accompany student presenters to the conference?


How will NCUR 2010 manage the acceptance and return of mailed-in artwork?

Please visit the Session Information Web pages found on this NCUR Web site for guidelines on managing and shipping of mailed-in artwork. It is strongly suggested that you insure your shipment as neither NCUR nor the University of Montana will be responsible for any damages of items to and from NCUR 2010 conference.

Do I make hotel reservations through the NCUR Web site?

No. NCUR 2010 has secured room blocks and special rates at local hotels as a convenience to our attendees. NCUR is not involved in the hotel reservations process. Each participant or school is responsible for securing their own hotel reservations. If you are participating through your school's Undergraduate Research department, please contact them to coordinate your reservations. In many cases, the department will make reservations for the entire delegation. If you are responsible for making your own hotel reservations, you must contact the hotel directly and, in most cases, provide a credit card guarantee for your room. Be sure to mention NCUR 2010 to receive the preferred conference rate. A list of hotels with room blocks reserved for NCUR is available under the Travel portion of the website.

How can I find out which abstracts were accepted for each school?

After the review process is complete a list of accepted abstracts by school will be available on this website by January 15th.

Are meals provided at the conference?

The conference registration fee includes box lunches for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as well as access to hospitality tables throughout the conference that will serve continental breakfast, water, etc.

Can a student, faculty member or administrator submit more than one abstract for consideration for presentation?

NCUR encourages the submission of only one abstract from a sole presenter. If a student, faculty member or administrator wishes to submit more than one abstract, he/she must use a separate email address for each abstract.

Can I mail or fax in my abstract?

No. All abstracts must be submitted using the online abstract submission form. To maintain consistency, streamline the process and help preserve our natural resources, we require that all abstracts be submitted using this process. If your abstract contains special characters that cannot be typed into the form, you may include a link to a Web version of your abstract. Please see the online form and instructions for more information.

May parents attend their student's presentation? If so, do they need to register for the conference?

As a general rule, all persons wishing to attend the conference must register and pay for participation. We will make an exception to this rule for parents who wish to attend their son or daughter's presentation. Parents must check in at registration tables during the registration hours, and can pick up their Visitor Pass at that time. This pass allows them to attend the one session where their child is presenting. This pass is not valid for lunches, dinner, speakers or tours. These activities are limited to paid conference participants.

May faculty advisors and mentors present with their student advisees at NCUR?

No. NCUR is a presentation opportunity for undergraduate research students only. The only avenue for faculty presentation at NCUR is through the Faculty Administrator Network (FAN) sessions.

Can I edit my abstract after i have submitted it?

Yes, changes can be made to a submission up until December 4, 2009. The only field that cannot be altered is the INSTITUTIONAL email address that was used to submit an abstract.

Why do i have to use an institutional email address to submit my abstract?

We require official e-mail addresses for identification and tracking of students and to prevent the technological difficulties that generic e-mail addresses can cause. Thank you for your cooperation.

Can a school pay for multiple student registrations at once?

Yes, when registration opens in the spring there will be an option that allows a school to pay for multiple students.  

Can I do both a powerpoint and a gallery space presentation?

Visual Art presentations - both in the Gallery Space and as a Powerpoint Presentation - allow a 15 minute oral presentation with 5 minutes for questions from the audience.  You may not present both a powerpoint presentation and a gallery space presentation.  Gallery space is limited, and powerpoint presentations will be held in a location with very close proximity to the Art Gallery.  Thank you for letting us know your choice as soon as possible, and no later than February 10.