OpenSIMPPLLE is a spatially explicit, landscape level, dynamic simulation system that is designed as a management tool to facilitate the use of landscape ecology concepts in designing and evaluating land management alternatives for a range of planning scales.

Latest News

January 10, 2018

Released version 1.4.1-a

  • Fixed minor issue with preferences dialog

January 5, 2018

Released version 1.4.1

  • Run OpenSIMPPLLE from the command line
  • Load a default zone automatically at application launch
  • Toggle succession regen possibility in the regeneration logic editor
  • Manually select the attributesall file when importing an area
  • View sorted ownership and special areas in the treatment schedule editor
  • Load areas with simulation data using Keane fire spreading without errors
  • Discover missing state changes in pathways before running a simulation


September 26, 2017

Released version 1.4.0

  • Added multiplier for fire size beyond landscape boundary to control pooling at boundary
  • Areas are now saved as a zipped collection of CSV tables
  • Zones and sample areas are now stored separately in the data directory
  • Renamed File > Save Landscape to File > Save Area
  • Renamed New Zone and New Area buttons to Load Zone and Load Area
  • Fixed bug that would not allow .area files to be loaded with Keane data
  • Fixed bug that wasted memory by storing unnecessary copies of season arrays
  • Corrected the flipped ROW and COLUMN values in SLINKMETRICS.csv
  • Fixed bug in 1.3.11 that converted all areas to multiple life form
  • Lookup tables in simulation results now have sequential identifiers
  • Removed unnecessary 'Check Unit Validity' button from unit editor
  • Corrected alignment of labels and input fields in unit editor
  • Reorganized the user interface of the unit editor

June 30, 2017

Released version 1.3.11

  • Regeneration logic can now be loaded in isolation from a user knowledge file
  • Fixed null pointer exception thrown during simulations on certain habitat type groups
  • Fixed null pointer exception thrown while computing next EVU states
  • Fixed null pointer exception thrown when user knowledge loaded after a simulation

June 15, 2017

Released version 1.3.10

  • Fixed bug with Keane fire spread not respecting random number generator seed
  • Removed change java heap size from utilities menu
  • Added reporting of the index of from units to the EVU_SIM_DATA file
  • Added reporting of the regeneration rules index to the EVU_SIM_DATA file

Upcoming Features

Spring 2018

  • Assign different sets of preferred adjacent species to each ecological grouping
  • Integrate map visualizations

Supported Geographic Areas

US map showing the regions covered by OpenSimpplle



The work on OpenSIMPPLLE has been partially supported by the USDA, Forest Service Northern Region, and the Rocky Mountain Research Station under agreement 12-CR-11015600-072.