Cost for Event Parking Services

Event Parking Options and Associated Costs

There are many options for event parking on campus.  Simply providing day passes to be purchased by your guests as they arrive may be exactly what your event needs.  For larger events, it may be more cost effective to reserve an entire parking lot or provide designated parking where a parking permit is not required.  We have provided a guidline to those expenses here.  By working with our Event Parking and Transportation Coordinator we will be able to provide the best balance of cost and customer service for your event.

Parking Maps

Each area provides different options for parking.  Some areas are not available for event parking, particularly during the regular business day.

Most parking lots provide three options for event planners:

  • Each guest vehicle displaying a single day or 5-day pass

  • Reserving a specific number of spaces in a designated area (see $ Reserve Lot)

    • This requires barricades and an attendant. 
      • Barricades can be ordered through the Work Order Desk (406-243-6091).
      • You may provide your own attendant but a special set of skills is needed.  This can be a difficult job.
      • We can provide an attendant for $29/hr.  Usually an attendant is only needed for a couple of hours.

  • Providing open parking for guests in specific lots (see $ Designated Parking)

    • Designated Parking means that we will not ticket for "No Permit" in the designated lot.  This does not reserved the lot for your guests only so there is no guarenteed number of spaces available.  The lot is also open to people parking in the lot with UM Permits and Guest Passes.  This option works well when you are expecting a large number of guests from the community to attend your event.

DAILY PARKING PASS - valid in regular, decal lots only

ONE DAY PASS - $3.50
FIVE DAY PASS - $12.00

Day passes can be purchased in bulk.  Many events will estimate the number of passes they will need and then return what is not used after the event.

Reserved Lots & Spaces

These lots are highlighted pink on our parking map and are not available M-F, 7 am - 5 pm.  These spaces are leased and (like all campus parking) they are enforced all year.  A vehicle parked in a leased spot may be towed at the owners expense.

Service & Delivery - Quick Stop

S&D and QS are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  QS spaces are the only free parking available on campus and they may only be used once in a 24 hour period of time.  S&D spaces are to be used Facilies Services and vehicles displaying a valid S&D pass.  Vehicles are not permitted to park in this area for more than 30 minutes.

Bus Parking

There is no space available for busses to park on campus during the academic year M-F, 7 am - 5 pm.  During summer and breaks approval may be granted for busses to park on campus along Campus Drive.  The cost for a bus or semi to park is $ 17.50/day.

Cost per Lot

The number of spaces and cost per lot is intended to provide an estimated range to assist in event planning.  Prices and available space may vary.  Because parking is limited, it is highly recommended that you make contact with  Shelley Harshbarger for parking arrangements as soon as your date is decided.

Contact Shelley Harshbarger 243-6133 for details.

Lot/Area # Hourly # Decal # ADA Total #   $ Reserve Lot $ Designated Lot
**Campus Drive 233 233 N/A N/A
North Side of Campus
Lot M 77 77 $ 192.50 $ 135.00
Lot M-1 52 52 $ 130.00 $ 91.00
Lot P 473 7 480 $ 1183.00 $ 828.00
Lot Z 115 4 119 $ 298.00 $ 208.00
East Side Middle of Campus       
Lot T 74 1 75 $ 185.00 $  131.00
Lot U 133 133 $ 332.00 $ 233.00
Lot W 220 2 222 $ 550.00 $ 385.00
Lot V 78 4 82 N/A $ 260.00
Lot F 86 46 132 $ 660.00 $418.00
Lot A 116 6 122 N/A $ 203..00
Parking Garage:
Top (3rd) Floor Only 104 104 $ 275.00 $ 182.00
South Side of Campus
Lot B 137 3 140 $ 343.00 $ 240.00
Lot C 71 3 74 $ 185.00 $ 125.00
Lot E 28 28 $ 196.00 $  98.00

* These areas are not available during the academic year M - F,  7 am - 5 pm.
** Only small portions of Campus Drive can be reserved at a time.  For example, outside the WGS Compound.  The cost is $12/semi space.