Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Montana is emerging across all disciplines and spilling out into the Missoula community!

Submittable, which was founded by a graduate of UM’s nationally-ranked Creative Writing program. Novelist Michael Fitzgerald took his frustration with the documentation submission process and created an online submission management software company which graduated from the prestigious Y-Combinator program. Submittable now has 4,800 customers across 23 countries.

UM spin-out Rivertop Renewables a cutting-edge renewable chemical company with a replacement for phosphates, which have plagued the billion dollar detergent industry since government phase-out due to environmental concerns. Rivertop employs more than 20 folks in Missoula, many of whom are graduates of the Montana University System and earning two- to three-times the average Montana wage.

For more information about these companies or similar successes developing at the University of Montana, contact Joe Fanguy, director of Technology Transfer.  Joe assists with licensing agreements, confidentiality agreements (CDA), and material transfer agreements (MTA), and works with the following programs and partnerships:

See UM Policy 420 - Economic Development