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Chibi Chibi Comic Con webtile

Momentum Grows for Second Annual Chibi Chibi Comic Con

"Last year was just an initial event,” says Program Advisor Evan Fossen. “Now that we’ve learned from that first round, we got a lot better with ideas and knowing what works for people...”

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UPP Webtile

SIN Works to Further Conversation on Privilege

"These are really important societal issues and a lot of people are passionate to come and learn to further the dialogue,” he says. “I think we’ll still get quite a draw of people who are just interested in these topics..."

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Monsoon Season event promotion webtile

Finding the Beauty in the Nature Around Us

"Lund utilized abstraction to explore forms in our natural world. Color, movement and line placement keep the viewers attention moving throughout each piece. The shear scale of Lund’s work draws the viewer in closer to examine..."

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The Montana Naturalist Fall 2016 magazine and a shot of the UM Campus

Celebrating the State of Montana Arboretum

"It's an exciting Arbotetum," says Kelly Chadwick, who's been on the committee since 1992. "We have some unusual species and are working to get more." The more unique specimens include two hybrids of western larch/alphine..."

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Curry Health Center

Curry Counseling Services

"We all need a little help dealing with life from time to time, especially when you’re going through a big life transition. Curry Health Center provides trained professionals to help you navigate your way..."

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Shakespeare in the Parks on the Oval 2015

Living Large on a Budget

"We all know that making money while going to school is tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the finer things in life. Here are some upcoming events and activities coming to campus..."

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