Contact Information Technical Guide

Using Setup Blocks, you can now easily manage your Contact Information site wide.


You will need:

  • The contact address(es).
  • The contact phone number(s).
  • The contact fax number (if applicable).
  • The contact email address(es).

Contact Information Options

Column Size:

Column Size only affects the layout of your footer if you have also supplied information in the Site Footer section of the Setup Block.  Otherwise, this information will display as a thin line across the bottom of your website.

Small: The small column size reduces the amount of space that the contact information takes up to allow for more room in the footer. This places the contact information off to the lower left-hand side of the footer.

Small contact information option

Normal: By default the column size is set to Normal and is displayed as the same width as the left-hand navigation.

.normal contact information size

Large: The large column size uses half of the footer column area. The contact information remains off to the lower left-hand side of the footer, but may take up additional space if needed.

large contact information size

Full Row: The full row, sometimes referred to as a "slim footer", spreads the contact information across the full width of the page with the footer information displayed above.

full row size

Advanced Options

In addition to showing the Contact Label, you have the option to display your logo as well.  Your logo must be pre-approved by University Relations.  The logo needs to have a transparent background and be 400px wide (height can vary based on the logo)   

In order to do this, ensure that the “Yes” checkbox is selected under Contact Information>>Advanced.  Then you will want to click on Advanced section at the very bottom of the Setup Block.  There is a field titled "Logo" where you will select your uploaded JPEG or PNG image.  If you do not see the “Advanced” section available please contact your Cascade Manager.