Website Branding

Much of your site branding is inherited from the University of Montana via the Ponderosa Template. As an example you won't have to worry about fonts because that's applied across the university. Please take a minute to look at UM Brand Guidelines.


Branding does not mean you should cover every inch of your website with you logo, but logos are a very valuable part of your brand identity. If departments or programs have an existing or established logo, redesign is strongly encouraged to meet current UM style and standards. Please contact Mario Schulzke to discuss your logo.


  • Do leave plenty of space around the logo. It needs room to breathe.
  • Do make it legible. Avoid color backgrounds or photos that clash or lack contrast.


  • Don't rotate the logo.
  • Don't embellish the logo. This means no glow, shadow, bevel or gradient effects.
  • Don't recreate the logo. Use only the approved logo variants.


Good photography will give your site character and draw users in. Your photos should tell a story and be of professional quality. UM has a photo repository, and you can email UM photographer Todd Goodrich to schedule a University-related photo shoot. You're welcome to take your own photos as well, but please refer to the UM Photography Guidelines.


Colors can be a difficult subject, and should be used only as visual accents to your content.  Additional guidelines are as follows:



  • Don't rely on color to convey content.  Graphics that rely on color pose accessibility problems.
  • Don't change the font color.
  • Don't overwhelm the users with large blocks of color.

Bringing it all Together

Need some inspiration? Skype's Brand Book is a great example of conveying brand identity.