Establish a Content Cycle

As the curators of your website, the work is never done.  There is always room to improve, new content to feature, and old content to retire.

How Far We've Come

  1. By cleaning out your old content, you've improved the quality of your site as a whole to provide valuable and relevant material to your site visitors.
  2. By establishing your brand identity, you've conveyed a sense of professionalism and refined the way to communicate your message.
  3. By embracing social media to can build and engage an audience across multiple platforms.
  4. By optimizing your material, you've made search results more valuable and ensured website accessibility.
  5. By using data to empower your decisions, you've given your users a better experience.

Congratulations on making it this far and for the effort put it to improve your website.  Now do it again.

Cascade Dashboard Tool

Cascade can help you keep track of the age of your website's content.  By default, any page that goes 60 days without review or editing will be marked as "stale".  As you develop and redevelop your content, this simple tool can be the first indication that your content may be outdated.
Cascade's stale content widget