Social Marketing

Your Audience: The See, Think, Do Strategy.

See, Think, Do stages of social marketing

Example stages. See: Everyone interested in anthropology. Think: Everyone interested in anthropology and interested to learn more. Do: Everyone interested in anthropology and wanting to register for a class or webinar soon.

Social media is a megaphone to showcase how the UM community thrives everyday. We're connected to faculty, parents, students, alumni, other colleges and other countries. Social media keeps our followers and fans informed while providing entertainment along the way. They use these platforms to stay connected and hit the "thumbs up" when they like what they see about the school they graduated from 20 years ago, the school they're going to attend in two years or the school they're attending right now.


The see stage captures “everyone interested in higher education” or “everyone interested in anthropology” or “everyone interested in (insert program here).” Think about ways to introduce your page here that adds value.

  • Ten ways to stay healthy this winter (Curry Health Center)
  • Five videos of Missoula bikes being stolen (Campus Safety…the videos could be campus safety showing how easy it is to cut through cable locks etc.)
  • Luck doesn’t matter during a job search. (Career Services)


The think stage captures “everyone interested in higher education and thinking about applying to college” or “everyone that is interested in anthropology and interested in watching a webinar.” Content in this stage could look something like this:

  • Six things you didn’t know about the Curry Health Center. Target: all people on campus that might want to take advantage of their student fees.
  • What happens when you push that big safety button on campus (images)? Target: all people that might be on campus and concerned about safety.
  • List of recruiters coming to campus and when. Target: all students that might be on campus and interested in meeting an interviewer.


The do stage captures “everyone interested in college who is thinking about applying and ready to apply” or “everyone interested in anthropology and interested in learning more and wanting to watch a webinar or register for a class.”

  • You’re five clicks away from a Curry Health Center Teeth Cleaning.
  • UM Alerts…are you receiving them? Sign up in five minutes.
  • Resumay re-vue wirkshop. Sine up hear two avoid career crushing type-o’s!

Social Media at UM

The University of Montana already has an established social media presence.  By tying those efforts into your own departmental needs, you can effectively spread your influence to a ready audience.  Students already post, Tweet, or photograph life on campus.  Looking at all the tagged photos/posts/tweets can give insight into life at UM from a very credible source: the students living it.

Twitter: @umontana

The UM Twitter account provides users the ability to follow a steady stream of up-to-date news and stories on the University.

The best way to interact with the UM Twitter account: If you or your department has a Twitter account, the first step is to follow @umontana. Sharing (also known as retweeting) posts that are relevant or helps the University be visible to more people.


Facebook is used to spread important University news and updates, engage the audience with fun, interesting posts and start positive online conversations about UM and Montana.

A post that gets a lot of likes is a good thing; a post with a lot of shares is even better. If UM posts content that is relevant to you or your department, the best practice would be to share and like the post. Commenting on posts and having conversations or encouraging positive dialogue promotes a positive feel and brand image.

Instagram: @umontana

The University uses Instagram photos to highlight Montana beauty and student life.
Instagram is all about following and liking. If you or your department has an Instagram account, follow @umontana and be sure to like UM’s photos. Commenting on pictures and tagging users who might like the picture is also great practice.

To share content on all social platforms showcasing the amazing student life on campus, the surrounding area and the beauty of Montana, just add #Grizstagram in the text description or text field.

Incorporate Social Media in Your Website

Ready to connect your social media networks to your site?  Check out our Social Media Plugin