Award Descriptions

Aspen - Best User Experience

This site has an excellent navigation structure, has an excellent user flow and is highly accessible. Users can easily find what they’re looking for through good use of featured links and footer content. Web pages provide well written concise content that is well structured and easy to read.

Tamarack - Best Visual Design

This site makes use of great graphics, photography, icons, and layout. The content creators have embraced the features of the Ponderosa Template and emerged with something truly beautiful. This eye-catching site is a breath of fresh air.

Spruced Up - The Most Improved

The Ponderosa template has been in production for almost two years now, and we've seen sites ebb and flow. Use the Wayback Machine to show off how far your site has come and prove that your site has seen the most dramatic changes... for the better.

Lorax - Best Web Content Manager

This person has raised the bar for websites at the University. The sites they manage are accessible, well organized, and easy to navigate. They offer help and support to other web content editors. IT web developers/designers are not eligible for this award.

Fire Starter - The Most Innovative

This site takes advantage of all the Ponderosa Template has to offer. The best plugins, the coolest stories or tiles, a nice background image, this is the site that is on the cutting edge of template development. The site owners for this site have likely joined in the conversation and are helping make the template better for everyone.

The Trailhead - Best Homepage

This home page is magnificent. Bold visuals, a cohesive design and navigation structure make this the perfect gateway to the rest of the site. While no component is required we'll be looking at beautiful feature images, solid vision statements, a good use of stories and featured links with a footer that ties it all together.  

The Golden Pinecone - Best of Show

The best of the best. The judges will select a site from the winners of each category that most exemplifies the UM brand, good use of cascade components, strong visuals and well written content.  The 2018 Judges will be Kayla Pierson, Tessa Huston, Stefano Zamora, Jen Sauer, and Nick Shontz.