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Liberal Arts, Room 103

Ryan Corwin

Adjunct Instructor


  • Office: DAH 432
  • Phone: 4063704943
  • Email: john.corwin@umontana.edu
  • Office Hours:

    Monday & Wednesday 8:30am - 9:30am, or by appointment. 

Personal Summary

Born in the Northern Rockies, raised by humans. A common man for uncommon times. Too obtuse?
Ryan is a native Missoulian, a Grizzly by birth and attendance, and a J-school alum that just won't stay away. This year marks the start of relating past experience and education into future knowledge. Here goes nothing. 



BA Journalism from The University of Montana. Go Griz!

Moodle for Professors 101

Courses Taught

JRNL 140A - Intro to Radio/Audio Production 

Teaching Experience



Research Interests

Can you name another time in history when speech, and the freedom to express it, has played a more important roll in our societal development? Since adolescence I've been fascinated with the concept of truth. What is correct in fact versus what is correct in moral context. 

Field of Study

Radio Broadcast Journalism

Business Marketing

Brewing (amature status) 


Seven years of live radio and I recorded none of it! 

Professional Experience

Seven years in commercial radio. 

Three years in multi-media marketing.

Four years in a relationship (it's like a job, but the best job you'll ever have.)

International Experience

Irish language and culture program at UM. I strongly recommmend it. It inspired me to travel Europe in search of my Celtic roots. 


Honors / Awards

Dean's list (the good one)

SPJ Ethics Award

Regional Emmy

Ron Miller Scholarship

"I finished the Pounder" T shirt from Fuddruckers




Soccer is life. Mountain biking is also life. I like to home brew but I'm really lazy at it. The life of a travel-starved, copy obsessed journalist is a hobby in and of itself.