Weather Technical Guide


You can easily display the area's weather on your website.  All you need is the ZIP code.

Weather Implementation

  • Heading: This text will display above the weather plugin if "Show Heading" is set "Yes".
  • ZIP Code: Input the ZIP of the area who's weather you'd like to display.
  • Display Format:  We have developed a few pre-styled formats for you to choose from.

Display Format Options

Default - Show Everything, Single Row:

This option is meant for a wide area and will display the weather icon, location, temperature, sunrise/sunset, and visibility.

Default weather plug-in option

Stacked - Show Everything, Multi-Row:

This option will display the same information as the Default setting, but in a vertical layout. This layout works well for columns, sidebars, or tiles.

Stacked weather plug-in option

Graphic - Weather Icon and Temperature:

This format is a great space-saver and shows only the weather icon, location, and temperature.

Graphic weather plug-in option

Minimal - Place and Temperature:

This option removes the icon, and is meant to display in the least amount of space.

Minimal weather plug-in option

Advanced Options

  • Show Heading: If you've filled out the heading text but would rather hide it, set this to "No".