The UM Web Committee coordinates with campus stakeholders to address University-wide Web issues.

The University Web Committee Charge:

To assess, interpret, develop, and recommend web policies and monitor compliance with approved policies; to advise web specialists and administrators regarding the policies; to manage The University's homepage complex; and to coordinate with stakeholders regarding University-wide Web issues.  The Committee solicits feedback and engages in short- and long-term strategic planning and offers educational workshops to share best practices and assist the campus community.  

Upcoming meetings

The committee will conduct monthly meetings at 3-4 p.m. on the following dates spring semester 2014:  

  • Monday, March 24, Payne Center, Room 202

With questions regarding this schedule, email Jennifer Sauer at address below.

Upcoming Topics

The following topics are likely to appear on meeting agendas in the future, but are not a complete and accurate list of topics to be handled by the University Web Committee. To be made aware of when a specific topic will be on the agenda, please contact the committee chair.

  • Adjusting the web standards for mobile device layouts
  • Provide better written support to aid in compliance with Web Standards
  • Draft and get approval for written procedures section to the Accessibility Standards
  • Provide clear path to University units on how to leverage central web resources to market their services
  • Raise institutional awareness about multiple system logins and accessibility issues
  • Provide clear guidelines and/or requirements regarding the registration of top level domains (.org, .net, .com)
  • Coordinate with ASUM to educate faculty about the problems students have with multiple login systems and accessibility issues
  • Get a long term web strategy and build specific (measurable) goals from the committee charge


Chair: Jennifer Sauer, web content manager, University Relations, 243-4878, jennifer.sauer@umontana.edu.

Any member of the UM community may request access to the University Web Committee Wiki or
inclusion in the general email distribution list by contacting Nick Shontz at nick.shontz@umontana.edu